Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to process sales orders than having to try to fit your company standard operating procedures around an accounting software system that is not really built to cater to them?

If you have, we are delighted to be the bearer of good news: we don’t expect our customers to adapt their business processes to fit our software, we believe that it should work the other way around.


Central Order Processing

Quick and efficient order handling for Call Centres.    Easy-to-use management panels allow for fine-tuning of every aspect of your business.   Consider this the ‘centrepiece’ of your ordering plaform.


We provide all kinds of Point of Sale display styles, sizes and materials to match your ideas, as well as having a flexible approach to any complex, quirky or new requirements, you may have.


Integrated Web Ordering

Imagine being able to manage your website content directly on the same platform you manage your agents and POS on?   Imagine no more, as our integrated web ordering solution is the perfect fit for anyone looking to consolidate their orders in one convenient spot.


Let us provide a personalized demonstration and show you how OPAL can be the perfect solution for your business.